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Brookwood Christian Language School

Brookwood Christian School was founded in 2004 to serve students who have not been successful in other schools. While BCS specializes in dyslexia, it also helps students with other mild learning disabilities. Typical students have normal IQs but are a couple of years behind in reading and math. BCS offers small classes of 10 or less, in addition to the Wilson Reading System taught by teachers certified in that method, remediating where needed and pushing students to excel at the same time. “A dyslexic student with a normal IQ, good attendance and average attention will learn to read with this program,” Wigington says. “Students who don’t need the dyslexia reading program get an extra class in study skills, reading comprehension or writing. In addition, we offer several different math programs to suit our students. If one program doesn’t work, we try something else until we find the program best suited for each group.”

BCS offers the Georgia Special Needs Scholarship and the Apogee Tax Credit scholarship. “Dyslexia between one child and another can look completely different. We have to find out where our students are and how much support they need,” Wigington says. “Individual attention means we find out where they are in reading and math and tailor an education that remediates where needed and pushes them to excel at the same time. We’ve had high school students excel in AP Statistics and Physics but need the text books read to them, because they stumble over the long, technical words.”

Brookwood Christian Language School
4728 Wood St.
Acworth, GA 30101

(678) 401-5855