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Cowan Historic Mill

Exploring the Cowan Historic Mill in Acworth, Georgia

A Storied Past

The Cowan Historic Mill is a landmark in Acworth, revered as the town’s oldest commercial structure. Built in the late 1870s by John Cowan, it began its journey as a flour mill. Over time, it transitioned to a tapestry mill, playing a significant role in the local economy and the “fabric” of the community. Its history mirrors the industrial evolution of the area, shifting from flour milling to textile production, a common transition in many small American towns during that era​​​​.

The Adventurous Backstory of John Cowan

John Cowan’s story is one of adventure and resilience. In search of gold, he ventured from Acworth to Montana in the late 1850s. His quest led him and his team to “Last Chance Gulch,” culminating in a major gold discovery and the founding of Helena, Montana. After his successful stint in gold mining, Cowan returned to Acworth to establish the mill and produce high-quality flour​​.

Diverse Industrial Roles

The mill’s life has been marked by several transformations.  It started with producing White Spray Flour, a lynette flour and then expanded into fabric manufacturing.  This period of change saw the mill operating under various names and owners, including Elizabeth Bartlett Mills in 1921, Cherokee Mills in 1927, and eventually becoming the Acworth (Rothschild) Mill in 1941.

A fire in 1992 marked another turning point for the building.  It was restored and reopened as The Old Mill Restaurant in 2005, a nod to its historical roots while adapting to contemporary needs.  Other incarnations included The Old Mill Restaurant (under new ownership) and then The Mill Pub in 2011, Gabriel’s at the Old Mill in 2015, and Tapestry at The Old Mill in 2018.

A Blend of History and Modern Elegance

In its most recent incarnation, the Cowan Historic Mill has been remodeled and reclaimed as a boutique-style event venue in 2019. The Mill now offers a picturesque setting that celebrates its past while providing a contemporary experience. As an event venue, it has become a sought-after location for weddings and other significant events, promising a unique atmosphere that is both Instagram and TikTok worthy.


The Cowan Historic Mill in Acworth, Georgia, is a remarkable example of historical preservation and adaptive reuse. Its journey from a flour mill to a tapestry mill, and finally to a modern event venue, mirrors the broader story of industrial change and community evolution. Today, as a cherished landmark, it continues to contribute to the social and cultural fabric of Acworth, offering a unique blend of history and modernity.