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The 2024 Acworth Farmers Market takes place every Friday morning starting in early April and continuing through late October. The market is open from 8 am to noon and features local produce and products, including fresh fruits and vegetables, plants, jams and jellies, fresh baked goods, cakes, cookies, pies and more.

The market is located in Historic Downtown Acworth at Logan Farm Park.

8am to noon rain or shine

Every Friday from April 5 through October 25, 2024

Logan Farm Park (Main Entrance)
4405 Cherokee Street
Acworth, GA 30101

The Farmer’s Market is sponsored by the Acworth Downtown Development Authority. For more information, please  contact Jeff Chase at jchase@acworth.org.

Farmer's Market photo
Photo Credit: City of Acworth Parks, Recreation and Community Resource Department


  1. What is up with having it on a Friday? Most people are in School, or at work. Move it to a weekend day, or even Friday evening. But doing it during the day really doesn’t allow people who would like to go to enjoy it. We drive to Marietta on Saturdays almost every Saturday. Would much rather stay local in Acworth.

    • Farmers typically do 2 or more markets a week. To provide you with fresh produce, fields might be picked very early the morning if the Market or the afternoon/evening before.
      To serve an late afternoon/evening Market on Friday, it is difficult to impossible for a farm family to also pick produce to supply a much bigger Sat. am Market unless they employ
      migrants to do so. Big farms can afford to do that, but Mom and Pop farms can’t.
      There are shoppers who are retired, people who stop on their way to work or during lunch
      hour who also shop. One market I was a vendor at had school classes who would come to
      the market to learn about different types of produce as a field trip. These farms need the week day markets, too, because produce is constantly ripening and can’t wait til Sat. Just finished picking the last of my Fall/Winter crops today-Brussels Sprouts and Turnip Greens.

  2. Who had the brilliant idea of having this on a Friday morning? Did someone not get the memo that Friday is a work/school day? Having this event on a Saturday from 8-Noon or even 9-1 would draw people in to shop for local produce, which my family would certainly like to do, and then people would likely grab some lunch, have a beer, get some ice cream, etc… at the local establishments.

    • Some of us work in the service industry where we’re required to work all weekend & wouldn’t otherwise get to enjoy the experience. There are plenty of farmers markets on the weekend (such as the Dallas or Marietta ones) that you’re more than welcome to attend as well. Be considerate of others employment & lifestyles

  3. I miss it every weekend because I can’t seem to get there by 11:00a. I think it should at least go to 12:00a or 1:00a. If it can’t due to parking needed for the business establishments then it should be moved to another location.

  4. Just wanted to say that I only very recently discovered this & I love that it’s a Friday event! So many things going on on the weekend days already, so it’s nice for my 3 month old & 5 year old to be able to browse around and pick up some fresh veggies/fruits that actually gets them excited to cook & eat.

  5. Love this smaller farmers market, and it’s on a Friday so NO LARGE CROWDS. Love IT! Keep it just the way it is. There are plenty of larger farmers markets that operate on Sat/Sun, check out Canton and Woodstocks.

  6. Why not have this on a Saturday instead of Friday? We working people can’t attend that early in the morning, we have to go or we are at work at that time 🙁 🙁

  7. Please change the day or time. As a previous athens resident I fell in Love with the Athens farmer’s market which was on Wednesday evenings and Saturday Mornings. Please move the time or day of the farmers markets so hard blue collar workers can spend their hard earned money on their local farmers.

  8. I had to go to Acworth for something. Saw the sign , but when I got online to check what time it closed. I was sad to see you all closed at 11 and only on Friday. I was going to come back tomorrow morning , but I guess I will have to wait. Sad to I needed to do some food shopping why I waited for my daughter.

  9. Please, change the market date and time and location!! How many people have to complain before you do something about it???

  10. 2016 Season is April 8th – Oct 28th
    Time is 8:00am til 12:00 noon
    We moved from the old location to the Acworth First Baptist Church parking lot back in 2014
    Applications are available on our Facebook page or at the Parks & Rec Office on Logan Street
    If you have any questions or concerns you are welcome to email at

  11. Everyone does not understand that most of these vendors have other places to go Sat/Sun and the city of Acworth has other venues on the weekends. I think it’s awesome they found a niche for Friday. I’m going to try to get there. I work every weekend due to my massage business so the timing and location are great.

    • I agree I love it being on Friday! There are already tons of farmers markets open on Saturday it’s nice to have one on Friday!

      • I agree. There’s a place for everyone! I love Fridays not as crowded and those who can’t go on fridays there are other markets close by on saturdays…win win!!

  12. We are from Michigan and cannot wait to visit! We will actually be in Acworth on the first Friday in May 2017. Yay! We love Farmer’s Market produce!

  13. We do not charge our vendors any fees; however there is an applications process you must complete and be approved to vend

  14. This is great! A nice selection of fresh produce, baked goods (strawberry-rhubarb pie!) handmade beauty products and live plants. It was easy to get to and park. I understand it is difficult if you work during the week but whenever you have a Friday off, it’s worth the trip.

  15. I had a Friday off from work a few weeks ago and visited the market. Loved it but go to the Square on Saturdays as I rarely have a Friday morning off from work.

  16. I think Friday mornings is the perfect day/time! (right before the weekend & not too hot yet) I’m really excited as I have never been yet !!! Born and Raised on a farm in Iowa I have a great appreciation for fresh veggies out of the garden!!!!! I’m curious as to whether you guys sell yellow tomatoes….. they are really hard to find!! I’m hoping!!! See you Friday!

  17. I think its awesome and I love Friday am – I realize it doesnt work for everyone but I wanted to leave my positive feedback!

  18. Will there be apples this Friday, September 8th? I know Jeamor Farms said he has apples for this Friday but if Merciers is going to be there he will not.

  19. We will be coming down for Georgia peaches in June. Are there vendors who offer them at this farmers market? We will be puchasing bushels worth, or should we go elsewhere?

  20. 3/2021- is there a chance this could be moved to Saturday in 2022? This would bring people in during the morning hours and cause them to want to stay for all of the fun things downtown Acworth offers in the afternoon. The more people eating/ shopping/ enjoying Acworth, the better. Thank you- from a downtown Acworth Local and working gal!

  21. The market is every Friday from 8am-noon. I’m sorry that so many of you are upset over the time but I am a nurse and work different hours and days every week so when I am off I love going on Friday mornings! Unlike like most of you who work Monday-Friday, 8-5….I miss a lot because of my schedule but I chose to work these hours. Its still cool out and everyone is so friendly. There is plenty of parking. I bring my german shephard and I bring the kids to play in the park. Thank you for providing a great and safe place to visit for a few hours on Friday mornings. I think the day and times are perfect as its something I can enjoy with my kids when I am off!


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