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Coca-Cola Advertisement

A large Coca-Cola ad is visible just off Main Street at the intersection with Dallas Street.   The sign dates back to the early 1900’s, around the time the building was constructed and when the price for a Coke was just 5 cents.   The sign was restored in 2002 by Mark Lemon, who also restored the nearby the Mother’s Self-rising Flour sign.   “I painted this sign over the “ghost” of the original, which was only partially visible,” Mark noted on a Facebook group called “Save Acworth History.”

Early 1900’s Coca Cola advertisement (restored)
Unrestored ad for Patterson’s Tuxedo Tobacco next to the Coca-Cola ad.
Highlighting the text, which says, “We made it GOOD, It’s friends made it FAMOUS!”
San Francisco Call, Volume 111, Number 149, 27 April 1912
Tuxedo Tobacco ad from April 27, 1912 with slightly modified slogan