Farmers Market

The 2015 Acworth Farmers Market takes place every Friday morning from May through the end of October. The market is open from 7am to 11am and features local produce and products, including fresh fruits and vegetables, plants, jams and jellies, fresh baked goods, cakes, cookies, pies and more.

7am to 11am

May 8th through October 30th, 2015.

Acworth First Baptist Church
(Main Street parking lot)
4583 Church Street
Acworth, GA 30101

The Farmer’s Market is sponsored by the Acworth Downtown Development Authority. For more information, please call (770) 917-1234 or visit¬†

Farmer's Market photo

Photo Credit: City of Acworth Parks, Recreation and Community Resource Department


  1. Mike Anderson says

    What is up with having it on a Friday? Most people are in School, or at work. Move it to a weekend day, or even Friday evening. But doing it during the day really doesn’t allow people who would like to go to enjoy it. We drive to Marietta on Saturdays almost every Saturday. Would much rather stay local in Acworth.

  2. Brandon McCafferty says

    Who had the brilliant idea of having this on a Friday morning? Did someone not get the memo that Friday is a work/school day? Having this event on a Saturday from 8-Noon or even 9-1 would draw people in to shop for local produce, which my family would certainly like to do, and then people would likely grab some lunch, have a beer, get some ice cream, etc… at the local establishments.

  3. Shelia McGrath says

    I miss it every weekend because I can’t seem to get there by 11:00a. I think it should at least go to 12:00a or 1:00a. If it can’t due to parking needed for the business establishments then it should be moved to another location.

  4. BreAnn S says

    Just wanted to say that I only very recently discovered this & I love that it’s a Friday event! So many things going on on the weekend days already, so it’s nice for my 3 month old & 5 year old to be able to browse around and pick up some fresh veggies/fruits that actually gets them excited to cook & eat.

  5. Martin says

    Love this smaller farmers market, and it’s on a Friday so NO LARGE CROWDS. Love IT! Keep it just the way it is. There are plenty of larger farmers markets that operate on Sat/Sun, check out Canton and Woodstocks.

  6. Koop says

    If you’re not going to change to a larger location, I wish that you’d block off the area so people can’t drive thru. I’ve been hit (not hard, but that’s not the point) three times by careless drivers driving too close to the booths.

  7. Georgia Moore says

    Why not have this on a Saturday instead of Friday? We working people can’t attend that early in the morning, we have to go or we are at work at that time :( :(

  8. Sara says

    Please change the day or time. As a previous athens resident I fell in Love with the Athens farmer’s market which was on Wednesday evenings and Saturday Mornings. Please move the time or day of the farmers markets so hard blue collar workers can spend their hard earned money on their local farmers.

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