Like much of the nation, Cobb County has been on an economic roller coaster ride the past 10 years, experiencing ups in the early 2000s with a booming housing market and commercial construction, followed by a challenging dip around 2008 and the years that followed as a result of the Great Recession. But, that hasn’t stopped Cobb from continuing to grow – the area has managed to slowly rebound, and that is obvious in the county’s steady population increases (about 70,000 residents since 2005), expansions in the highway and interstate systems, downtown improvements in Cobb’s municipalities, introduction of the Atlanta Braves development and much more.

Acworth Mayor Tommy Allegood, who has served in this role for 15 years now, says there was some slowing growth between 2010 and 2012, but since then, the city has seen a return to steady sustainable growth within its commercial and residential communities. Main Street development of the Dogwood Forest of Acworth and the old Day’s Chevrolet location was completed, in addition to redeveloping spaces within Acworth’s downtown where public housing once was – but now various companies, one of which is Walton Communities, has come in and built.

The city has also participated in SPLOST project investments that have transformed the community. “Included in the last SPLOST that was passed, the city is looking forward to building a new community center and joint library,” Allegood adds. “Our community will continue its dynamic growth with the vision to build a great quality of life.”

He continues, by saying he’s most proud of the construction of Horizon Field, which serves special needs individuals, as well as the Acworth Achievers, an after-school program and Expanding Horizons, which helped in the city’s 2010 recognition as an “All-American City,” by the National Civic League. “Also, I’m very proud of our Veteran’s Memorial and plaza in Cauble Park, where we host multiple ceremonies each year,” he says. “These things and many more make me proud to call Acworth home.”



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