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Acworth Family Dance Party

The Inaugural Acworth Family Dance Party will be on Saturday, March 12, 2022 at the Acworth Community Center in Tanyard Creek Overlook. The purpose of this event is to expand on the Daddy Daughter Dance and provide all types of families in the community with a fun dance event. There will be a Daddy Daughter Date Night in June to provide a special night for father figures and daughters to spend together closer to Father’s Day each year.

This year’s theme is Disco.

Saturday, March 12, 2022

Acworth Community Center
4361 Cherokee St
Acworth, GA 30101

For more information or to register, please visit acworthparksandrecreation.org



  1. My son and grand-daughter will be attending. Can we pay at the door or do we have to register on-line.

  2. Hi Gloria,
    We called the Acworth Parks and Recreation Department and were told that you must register online no later than noon on the day of the event. There is a link in the post above that will take you to the online registration form.

  3. HI me and my dad might be going only if we know what the cost is for a dad and 1 daughter please type back thank you and this is my last year at Acworth Intermediate so please help me!!!

  4. I have a quick question.. I have registered my daughters and myself on line. I then went in to register for the daddy daughter dance and found that I was being charged a non resident fee of $10 for both daughters however we have an Acworth address. Can you please let me know if there are only certain areas of Acworth that this residency applies too? Thx

    • Hi Rex,
      Our understanding is that your mailing address (city) is determined by the United States Postal Service, however the city boundaries are determined by the City of Acworth. Residents inside the city limits pay property tax to the City of Acworth, and residents outside the city limits pay property taxes to Cobb County. Presumably the City of Acworth gives discounts to residents living inside the city limits because some of their tax dollars help fund these events.

      Here is some more information from the City of Acworth’s website (online at Acworth.org):

      How do I know if I live inside the City Limits?

      There is a difference in having an Acworth mailing address and living inside the city limits of Acworth. The Acworth mailing address can be found in Cobb, Cherokee, Paulding, and Bartow Counties. Having an Acworth mailing address does not mean you live in the city limits of Acworth. The mailing addresses are decided by the federal government, not the City of Acworth. There are even some City of Acworth Residents who have a Kennesaw Mailing address. The best way you can find out if you are a city resident is to go through the following checklist:

      1. Do you live in Paulding, Cherokee, or Bartow Counties? If you do live in any of these counties you do not live in the city limits of Acworth. If you live in Cobb County proceed to step two.

      2. Do you receive a bill from Acworth Sanitation for trash service? If no, you do not live in the city limits. If yes, then proceed to step three.

      3. Click here to see if your street name is on the list of city streets. If so, you are a city resident.

  5. My Husband took our Daughter Last Year when it was held at the College. She was 5 at the time and still talks about it to this day. We heard about the Daddy Daughter Dance at North Cobb this year and I made sure to get our registration in immediately. All Little Girls long to be a Daddy’s Princess. So Dress up your little Princesses and Spoof up the Daddy’s too, then send them on their way. This is the beginnig of her Fairy Tale Dreams which will follow her through out her life. So let her first Dream come true to be with the most important man in her life at this time, Her Daddy. May the one man who is lucky enough to capture her heart one day. Treat her like her Daddy did on this special day. Dont forget to bring her roses Daddy.

  6. I whant to say thanks and ask if the daddy daughter masquerade dance is getting cancel because of the coronavirus


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