The City of Acworth and the Acworth Business Association are hosting an Independence Day celebration at Cauble Park. The celebration features live music starting at 5:30pm.  At dark, watch as one of the largest fireworks shows in Cobb County takes place over Lake Acworth.

Embracing Freedom: Acworth’s Spectacular Independence Day Celebration at Cauble Park

Each year, the picturesque Cauble Park comes alive with vibrant colors, electrifying energy, and a sense of patriotic pride as the city hosts its grand Independence Day celebration. This much-anticipated event brings together families, friends, and neighbors to commemorate the nation’s freedom and cherish the values that bind the community together.

An Explosive Display of Fireworks:

As the sun sets on the horizon, the skies over Lake Acworth ignite with a dazzling array of fireworks. The spectacular pyrotechnic display lights up the night, painting the sky with brilliant bursts of red, white, and blue. From young children to the young at heart, the crowd gazes in awe as the fireworks dance in the air.

Festive Activities for All Ages:

The Independence Day celebration at Cauble Park offers a variety of festivities catering to all ages. Families can enjoy picnics on the llawns, while kids can participate in face painting, bounce houses, and interactive games. Live music fills the air, providing a jubilant backdrop for the evening’s festivities, while local vendors showcase their crafts and treats.

Lake Acworth: A Serene Setting:

Cauble Park’s location alongside Lake Acworth lends an idyllic charm to the event. Families and friends can relish in the cool lake breeze, taking leisurely walks along the water’s edge, or simply bask in the warmth of a summer night under the stars. With the lake as a natural backdrop, the celebration becomes a harmonious blend of nature’s beauty and the spirit of American pride.

A Tribute to Freedom:

Amidst the revelry and joy, the Independence Day celebration at Cauble Park also serves as a symbolic tribute to the nation’s rich history and the valor of those who have served to protect its freedom.

July 4, 2024

2024 Schedule:
4:00pm – Event Opens
5:30pm – Live music starts
Dark – Fireworks (around 9:30pm)
10:00 – Event Ends

The concert is free to the public, and tables for 6 are available for an additional fee.

Tables are available for City of Acworth residents and at a slightly increased rate for non-residents. With the table you get 6 chairs and one parking pass. This parking pass will allow you to park at Cauble Park as long as spots remain available. To purchase a table, please visit

Parking at Cauble Park is by pass only on July 4 but you are not guaranteed a parking spot at Cauble Park with this pass so please plan on arriving early. If you do not have a parking pass or if the parking if full, you will need to park downtown and walk to the park. Shuttles will not be running for this event.   Handicap parking will be available at McCall Primary School and there will be a shuttle provided for handicap attendees.   Handicap shuttles begin at noon.

Cauble Park
2293 Beach St.
Acworth, GA 30101

For more information, please call (770) 917—1234 or visit

Independence Day celebration at Cauble Park on Lake Acworth – Acworth, Georgia.  Photo courtesy of the Acworth Parks and Recreation Department


  1. how do we go about getting a handicap parking space it is to far to walk and standing for the shuttle bus is a task when you cant stand but only for a few minutes, thanks Dorothy

  2. For those of us that are new to town, where should we park, and how to we get to the park? For people that don’t purchase a table, will there be picnic space available, and is there a playground or something to keep children occupied?

    • Hi Jackie,

      Parking is available at various locations downtown, and shuttle service is available from the City Hall parking lot beginning at 3pm. Regarding the picnic space, yes there will be plenty of space and numerous activities for the kids. Welcome to Acworth and hope you have a great time at the festival.

    • Its a nightmare go the park. If you have kids prepare to wait a long time to ride the shuttle back to your car. There are literalky thousands of people. Its also so noisy you wont be able to talk without screaming. The music is extremely loud. Bring a blanket and go early if you want to find a place to sit. They also have port-a-potties. Thats always a lot of fun with kids.

    • Hi Lynn,

      You can bring lawn chairs or blankets or both. Hope you have a great time and enjoy the fireworks.

  3. Found a website that says rain date is tomorrow at 9:30 if they’re rained out tonight, and per there is 100% chance of rain at 9pm, 85% at 10pm, 50% at 11pm…my guess is cancelled

  4. Hi,
    So have the fireworks been rescheduled for tonight (July 5th)? Weather was awful and the Marietta Square still did theirs I’ve heard…


    • Hi Beth,
      According to the Acworth Parks and Recreation Department, “The canceled July 4th Concert and Fireworks are not scheduled for Tuesday, July 5th. They will be rescheduled for a later date in the summer.”

    • Hi Paige,
      No reschedule date has been announced yet for the Acworth fireworks. Woodstock also canceled their fireworks yesterday and rescheduled their event for tonight – July 5, 2011. The address is:
      Target Shopping Center, 140 Woodstock Square Avenue, Woodstock, GA 30189

    • Why would they not do them tonight… that’s just crazy. Later on in the summer… no meaning to it, might as well have a Christmas tree lighting ceremony in August.

  5. So there are fireworks at woodstock tonight?? Are all of the comments from this year? Because this was posted just a couple of days ago but yet there are comments from 2008? A bit confused on all of the comments.

  6. yes r we allowed tomorrow on the 4th to bring in a cooler i know it is free to get in and i know we can bring our chairs u r stil having them tomorrow night arent u just let me know about the cooler t u for your time Debra Farrell

  7. can people still access the boat ramp? really trying to fish at sunrise till about 1030am. will be off lake no later than 11. thanks

  8. Can residents (Academy st.) Take a picnic table on a first come first serve basis? I ts my first 4th here so i want to understand how it works.

  9. Can you see it from the water on the other side of 92hwy allatoona side? Won’t beable to make it to the yacht clubs this year

  10. are the fireworks still on for acworth on july 4th (tonight) or are they canceled just moved here from north carolina and would really like to go!!

  11. What time is a good time to arrive early and set up blankets and chairs? I am an Acworth residence and want to make sure we get a good parking spot and good set up space

  12. I like to know who in their infinite wisdom that works for the city blocked off hundreds of parking spaces? That was completely asinine and forcing people to walk over a mile to get to the park

  13. this is a stretch but hoping to get name of band that played 2021 and was heavy on the van halen tunes


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