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Logan Farm Park Expansion

The city of Acworth is growing, and part of that growth is ensuring that residents have ample opportunity for recreation. Thus, earlier this year, the city opened a 14-acre expansion to Logan Farm Park with many amenities for the community to enjoy. Visitors can now explore additional multi-use pathways, open green space, a destination playground, a group pavilion, a restroom facility and extra parking.

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The entrance to the expanded part of the park is close to Acworth’s historic Downtown district, which Acworth Mayor Tommy Allegood says will have a big impact in his municipality. “Logan Farm Park is the centerpiece park for our downtown that connects our walking trails to multi-purpose fields; [the park] creates an awesome playground for our kids and now offers an amphitheater-style gathering place for community events.”

Allegood hopes the amphitheater brings many events to the downtown area, resulting in an increase in residents and visitors to the city. Acworth is a safe and friendly place, the mayor added, hinting that the city is planning more development that families will find desirable. “Our city team is looking to expand our downtown business district and expand our residential footprint so that more business and families will move to downtown,” he said.

How It All Came Together

James Albright, the director of parks, recreation and community resources for the city, explained that the expansion of Logan Farm Park has been part of the city’s master plan for redevelopment. “When the city  began the process of visioning the redevelopment of the surrounding area more than 15 years ago, we knew the park would play a critical  role in the redevelopment of the area,” he said.  “The Master Plan was developed from there and the city began the process of acquiring properties for the development of the expansion.”

Albright echoed the mayor’s assurance that the park expansion will bring many benefits to the community. From more playgrounds and green spaces to a multi-use pathway that connects to the rest of the park, Albright sees Logan Farm Park as a catalyst for redevelopment.

“We hope that this expansion continues to improve the overall quality of life for our residents,” he said. “The park will give citizens the opportunity to be outside in a safe environment that offers a diverse set of recreation opportunities for them.”

Albright added that parks play “an integral part in a community’s quality of life.” He feels that the city leadership and community have shown a lot of support to the park system. Steve Prather, chairman of Acworth’s citizen-led Lake Authority, was involved in acquiring the land for the Logan Farm Park expansion. The group offers support and guidance on any land use adjacent to or within Army Corps of Engineers property. The land acquired for the park expansion was “a combination of Army Corps of Engineers property [flood plain] and unlivable homes or abandoned properties purchased by the city,” according to Prather.

Expansion of the Arts

Cathy Green, a citizen of Acworth and volunteer at the park, is excited about the possibilities and hopes the city will continue to show commitment to the expansion of the arts. Currently, Green is helping with the new art venue under construction within the expansion zone. The venue, a former private residence, is expected to be open in November. “The house still needs to be renovated. In the meantime, we are sort of in a waiting phase right now before we get things going,” Green said. “If everything goes as planned, we will be establishing a new nonprofit organization called the Acworth Art Alliance, which will be located there.”

Green said the expansion would benefit the community and expand the arts to the downtown area, something that Acworth doesn’t have. “I think it’s a huge benefit because it offers a place for people to come hike, play on the playground, and picnic. Public events can be held there. Also, once we get the house done for the arts, it will be a place that we can offer some classes and do art exhibits and that sort of thing. I think it is huge,” Green said. “Most every other city has art in their downtown area. We currently don’t really have much, so I think this will offer something that is much needed.”

More Projects and Events

Currently, Logan Farm Park has three projects in the works, the Logan Farm House, the Art Alliance House and the Acworth Community Center. Albright stated that the Logan Farm House is under renovation and it’s expected to be completed in late July, 2017, while the Art House will be under renovation in July, 2017. The Acworth Community Center will include a gymnasium, banquet hall, activity space, and will be the primary customer service location for the Parks and Recreation department; construction will begin this fall.

Albright expects the number of events hosted at Logan Farm Park to grow in the next couple of years as the construction and expansion are completed. “The only event that we currently host at Logan Farm Park is the JamBOOree, which is a fall festival we hold each October,” Albright said. “There are several other larger projects such as the downtown revitalization project that will be under construction later this fall, and we have chosen to limit additional events until the construction of these projects are complete.”

Logan Farm Park is open daily from 7am to 11pm. It currently has three entrances: 4405 Cherokee St., 4762 Logan Road, and 4733 School St. For more information about Logan Farm Park, visit acworth.org.


  1. Is the park handicap friendly? Motorized scooter ok to use? How many picnic tables? Are there any grills? Can portable grill be brought into the park? Are there benches along the lake to relax?


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