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The Pro Wakeboard Tour returns to Acworth on Saturday, May 19, 2018. The event features exciting water sports action as well as plenty of great food and music, athlete autograph signings, prizes and drawings, as well as shopping at the most cutting-edge stores for water-sports equipment including boats, wakeboards, wakeskates, sunglasses and the latest in wakeboarding and surfing fashions.

The event brings the  world’s top professional wakeboarders to our city from all over the world, and has a significant economic impact on our community. This family oriented event and will provide a fun filled day of  sun, surf and excitement for all who attend.

That’s only the beginning of the festivities!   Riders and fans can head over to Downtown Acworth where there will be plenty of activities going on including live music, great food, and fun!  Be sure to arrive early and shop in the unique boutiques on Main Street!

Dallas Landing Park
5120 Allatoona Drive
Acworth, GA 30101

May 19, 2018

Wakeboarding from 8am to 5pm
Wakeboard Block Party from 5pm to 9pm

Wakeboard Ramp and Slider
Practice run for the 2011 Pro Wakeboard Tournament
Zane Schwenk
Zane Schwenk
Zane Schwenk
Corey Bradley
Corey Bradley
Corey Bradley
Corey Bradley
Josh Palma
Josh Palma
Josh Palma
Josh Palma
Josh Palma
Josh Palma
From left to right: Nicola Butler, Corey Bradley, Josh Palma, Zane Schwenk


  1. why arent acworth residence free we pay are taxes for parks and recreation and stiil have to pay admission on these dates dosent seem to fair to me unless of course my taxes are pro rated to deduct these day s and any other times us acworth residence are charged to enter our own parks and beaches

    • Hi jo,

      The event is free on Thursday and Friday for the 2011 event. Tickets are $12 on Saturday, and discount tickets are available online. For more info, please contact the Acworth Parks and Recreation Department at (770) 917-1234.

  2. hi,

    i was just wondering if you had a list of pro athletes that will be attending this event in Acworth this year. I am planning on attending and would like to know if Steel Lafferty will be competing in it this year. If you don’t know, could you refer me to someone that would know? that would be great. thanks so much!

  3. Hello, is there any type of pass or permit I need to worry about should I want to anchor my boat near the event and watch? I remember a line of boats anchored in front of the beach watching the competition last year, and would like to join.

    • jj
      I have anchored out and watched from the water. There isn’t any fees other than what
      We pay for day use at the boat ramps. Its really amazing watching it

  4. Bud the whole free entry for Acworth residence, doesn’t make Sence to me or any of us. Jo, do the folks that live in midtown get free tickets to music midtown. You are attending an event that isn’t put on by tax payer dollars. It is by the sponsors. So cool your jets man. Just pay the simple entry fee so you can get in. Or have your mom pay it for you. Get off your stump bud.

  5. Hi I’m from New Orleans and me and I want to bring my boat up for the show , will there be a floatilla ? Or place for boats to anchor off close by to watch ? Thanks for any advice


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